About Malaysia

Malaysia is a country of contrasts and surprises. It’s home to such a diversity of regions, activities and indulgences that ‘something for everyone’ is more of a daily itinerary than a promise.

Fancy a lazy beach holiday mixed with fun activities for the kids? Or an action-packed hiking, kayaking, climbing, diving and camping adventure? Maybe a wildlife discovery tour is more your style, or a shopping blitz and spa retreat? How about all of the above?

Throw friendly and welcoming people into the mix, along with some of the best cuisine on the planet, and the Malaysian experience is nearly complete. All that’s missing is you.

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Culture and Heritage

The current population mix in Malaysia is an intriguing combination of a Malayan majority living harmoniously with migrant communities of Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and others.

The multicultural nature of Malaysia is a core part of its history, as Malaysia has always had trade and colonial links to other parts of the world, including the Portuguese, Dutch and British. This rich cultural heritage is reflected in every part of Malaysian life, from festivals and events to architecture and cuisine.

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The Malaysian population is composed of around 57% Malays, with Chinese, Indian and other ethnic groups making up the remainder.

In both Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo Malaysia there are also a number of indigenous tribal groups adding to the diversity of the Malaysian population.

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Malaysia offers a huge variety of traditional handicrafts, ranging from priceless antiques to modern hand-made crafts. Here’s a selection found around the country.

Ornate water vessels are unique and interesting pieces, including Labu Sayong, a black, gourd-shaped clay jar used to store and cool water, as well as the terenang.

Keen chefs might like to pick up a belanga, a cooking pot with a round base and wide rim often used to cook curries, as well as some traditional metal or wooden kitchenware.

Wooden handicrafts are plentiful thanks to the substantial timber stock in Malaysia and can be purchased in the form of antique Malay-styled engraved panels, keris dagger handles, Chinese containers, unique Orang Asli spirit sculptures, intricate walking sticks and carved scented woods

Traditional brass casting and bronze working techniques are still used to make an array of utensils, and the discovery of tin in Malaysia has led to high quality Malaysian pewter. Metal craft products include modern decorative items and traditional artifacts like tepak sireh sets, rose-water instruments and keris blades.

Local plant fibres such as bamboo, rattan, pandan and mengkuang leaves are widely used and coiled, plaited, twined and woven to produce items such as bags, baskets, mats, hats, tudung saji and sepak raga balls.

Malaysia’s traditional textiles are greatly sought after, including batik, songket, pua kumbu and tekat. These textiles are made into all sorts of decorative items, from haute couture clothes to shoes, colourful curtains and delicate bed linen. Malaysian batik offers an endless array of styles, designs and colours and is usually made using traditional methods rather than mass-produced.

Jewellery and accessories range from indigenous beadwork from Borneo to ornate and sophisticated gold and silver pieces. Traditional pieces include brooches, hairpins and belt buckles

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